Depotting to Stay Organized!


Before I decided to call myself a Makeup Artist, I was just a makeup addict, lover and shopaholic when it came to any and all makeup. I never discriminated. Whether it came to brands like MAC, Chanel, Dior, Bobbi Brown, Nars or NYX, Wet’n Wild, Loreal, I loved it all!

Mind you, I am Persian and though my mom has always been into makeup and making sure her makeup looked on point, her and my dad never let me wear makeup until I was about 16 and that was just lip gloss and maybe mascara. That didn’t stop me from spending all of my allowance and work money on makeup anyway. It was what I called an “investment”. By the time I was 18 years old and started working at MAC Cosmetics, my kit was over flowing. I had two 6 drawer plastic organizers that were FILLED with makeup. How on earth was I going to stay organized? I’m thinking, now I am a MAC Makeup Artist, who will not only be buying more makeup because of my amazing discount, but every couple months MAC actually gives us the new makeup try and wear during the launch.

Honestly, it took years of over flowing plastic drawers, MAC carry all cases and any other bag I could get my hands on to fill my loose eye shadows, foundations, concealers, blushes and lipsticks.

Almost 10 years, 2 moves and a wedding later, I discovered… Z PALETTE. Pretty much my makeup savior.  So I spent hours just depotting my eye shadows and blushes, scooping out my lipsticks and concealers and beautifully organizing them into customized palettes.

Ladies and gentlemen.. this is the way to keep your kit organized. Now one may say this is no different than a MAC custom palette, but it is. What’s so amazing is that you can put anything in this. You can have one palette for your everyday wear: the 4 eye shadows you use regularly, your blush, your highlight powder, your concealer and your lipstick. Or you can put together one palette that is filled with all the concealers you own, one with all the eye shadows you own and one with all the lipsticks. This is it. Our messy makeup drawer problems have been solved.

What’s great is that each palette you purchase actually comes with magnetic stickers that makes it easy to depot your  shadows, place a sticker under and put in your palette. There are tons of “how to videos” for depotting eye shadows, concealers and lipsticks on YouTube.  It’s time consuming, but fun and worth every minute!

I am not endorsed by Z Palette by any means, I am just reviewing a product that has changed my entire makeup case and vanity!

Click the link below to watch a cool video straight from the Z Palette website to give you a better idea of how it all works:

Z Palette Video

Happy Depotting everyone!

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