Interviewing your Makeup Artist

To all the beautiful brides and brides to be,

Choosing vendors for your beloved wedding day is quite the task. Do your due diligence to research your vendors, their work and who they are. After all, who they are matters because they are going to be a part of your biggest day. You want only the best, most positive vibes on that day.

When it comes to choosing your makeup artist, remember, there are more makeup artists out there than anyone can possibly keep up with. Now days, anyone can become a “famous” makeup artist by featuring their work on their Instagram, Facebook or other social media. Be sure to look at their work, their style and the nature of their posts. Social media makes it easy to showcase work, but often times, work is airbrushed and “softened” to appear different than it will in person. This is ok, because photos being showcased should look good, as long as they truly reflect the makeup artists work.

After research, looking at their website, Instagram, Facebook and any other display of their work, set up a phone interview/consultation. During this phone consultation, interview your potential makeup artist to make sure you are comfortable with them and they truly understand your style and specific needs.

Here are a list of my top 10 questions to ask during your phone interview:

1. How long they have been doing makeup, professionally

2. What products they use

3. What exactly is included in the cost of bridal makeup (lashes, any products for touch ups etc.)

4. If you are interested in airbrush makeup, be sure to ask them about their experience with airbrush makeup and if they do/don’t like using it and why

5. If they charge for a trial and how long in advance they do the trial

6. If they charge for travel or being on site on the day of your wedding

7. How many people they are comfortable doing makeup on before needing to hire a second makeup artist

8. If the bridal party’s cost includes lashes

9. What the deposit is to book them and definitely ask what their cancellation policy is (things happen and you want to be sure to be prepared just in case)


10. How much time they need for makeup application for the bridal party and how much time they will need for the bride

When putting together your wedding day timeline, be sure to add a 10 minute buffer between each makeup application to account for cleaning brushes, products, water break and getting started on the next person. Most importantly, leave a 45 minute cushion between the time you are done getting your hair/makeup done and the time you need to be ready to leave the room. Things run late, and you would be surprised how much time it takes to get your dress, jewelry and veil on while taking photos to capture those wonderful moments.

Cheers and congrats!

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